I am a contemporary London artist. While studying at Central Saint Martins, I developed my own bright and unique style of artworks. All the paintings are colorful, witty and with a certain dose of humor. The paintings are oil or acrylic canvas.

As a feminine artist, I often put as a central question the role of Woman in the world ruled by men's standards. Through the study of relationships and exploring the characters affecting gender, my art seeks the answer to the questions of what is the place of a strong woman nowadays, and how stereotypic and manipulative is the world of success and big achievements?

I actively support charities with my art, standing out to motivate and help people through art. I create art to inspire people to reach their goals, to motivate them and empower them to stand out for their interests, to live life to its full, to keep the high standards and believe in their abilities to achieve.

I am a laureate of two international art competitions. I have broadly exhibited my artworks, having done 22 exhibitions, 16 of them in London. 82 artworks are sold to art collectors over the world (UK, USA, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Singapore, Russia, Israel).

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