Daniele Fortuna

Daniele Fortuna

Daniele Fortuna.

Daniele is an assembly artist, born in Milan, he graduated in design at the IED in Milan. After graduation he moved to Ireland for a year, where he worked in a light design studio. Back in Italy, after working in an architecture studio, he started to approach art but it was something that was already inside him.

Your style for sculpting is incredibly unique - can you tell us a little bit how you arrived at that?

I started with two-dimensional wooden paintings, over time I realised that with the stratification of the wood I could create volumes which turned into sculptures
it all starts with the creation in my head of what I want to represent, then I move on to find what I think is right for my idea, then with an auto-cad I create shapes which I copy on wood and then with an electric saw I cut manually piece by piece, after the assembly takes place and finally the colour.

How do you get inspired? Through work or do you "catch it"?

I am inspired by classical culture, very fascinated by mythology that since I was a child I loved to hear the stories, my intent is to make contemporary a culture far from ours for time but that has influenced us until today, in a certain sense of gratification for that who left us.

Anything else you wish to share with us and people interested in your work?

What I want to convey and not to forget where we come from, and to be grateful for what they have left us, the colour I use represents the contemporary we live, I have to make those who look at me rejoice, I don't like anguish.

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Daniele Fortuna