Information about Himassa

How it works

How it works

Simply: Create a profile, add payment details, start selling or buying.

As an artist & Designer & Design owner:

1. Create an account and set up your profile

2. Put your items for sale and set a price for it, remember that shipping is set separately by you - it's good to keep a flat rate or add it into the price to provide free shipping, this is more appealing :)

3. Listing is free and our fee is only 16% from sold work.

4. Start accepting offers, remember to add the price for delivery to your price!

5. Remember to verify your id & address in your profile to receive payments.
For this go: settings - payments - edit info.

For verification please submit:

1. A clear photo of your drivers licence. Make sure the picture is well lit, all information is shown and the photo is not cropped
2. A recent utility bill. Can't be more than two months old, make sure all information is shown and the picture is not cropped. Can be a pdf as well.

 As a buyer:

1. Sign up using facebook or email.
2. Pick artwork of your choosing
3. Add shipping details & Pay
4. Enjoy art you just purchased - you are  one step closer to start your own art gallery at home!

We will make sure buyers get the art and artist their fees.