Kazune Shintaku

Kazune Shintaku

Kazune Shintaku was born in 1986 and lives in Oita, Kyushu the southern island of Japan. After completed Tama Art University in Tokyo, she took and graduated a postgraduate course in illustration in the same school in 2012. She has had a number of exhibitions both in Tokyo and Osaka. She had a latest solo exhibition ‘The Period of Storm and Stress’ at Jiro Miura Gallery in Tokyo October 2019.
Kazune Shintaku’s paintings are about girls' adolescence. Influenced a lot by the artists of the Renaissance period, the works of Kazune Shintaku can give the impression of being religious, but it the “passion” of the paining adolescent heart which she captures. She paints to overcome this tumultuous ordeal of “passion” and celebrate the life.


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Kazune Shintaku