Marius Mutschinski was born in 1993 in Kiel, Germany, and became creative at a very young age. Initially, he lived out his creativity in the upscale kitchen. After his apprenticeship as a chef in an international hotel chain, his path led him to the detailed two-star cuisine on the island of Sylt, Germany. On the luxury vessel
MS Europa 2 where he worked as a butler, he got to know various styles of furnishing and how to make a room look perfect with small details. Meanwhile, he finds the creative balance in the painting.

His art is characterized by cheerful colors, graphic elements, and positive charisma. Marius paint freely from his heart, his paintings live from feelings and emotions.

In his art, Marius is not interested in outbidding every price. Rather than people enjoy his painting, true to the motto: Art for everyone and anytime.

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Lovely artwok!!

Arda Karatas about listing Friends. No. 9 1 year ago.