Tanja Smirnova

Tanja Smirnova

The power of my inspiration comes from nature. I am studying also the North and Karelia. The energy of these places and the culture of the indigenous peoples help me create art. In my works, I try to convey all the power, beauty and love that I receive from nature. I travel a lot, make sketches, paint plein airs. From each trip I bring a lot of material, photos and new knowledge, which then i turn into work. I really love the color and the simple shape.
My art is divided into plein air drawings and paintings and paintings made in the studio. When I paint open-air paintings, I always communicate with nature directly, I do not use photography, because the energy of the place is important to me. This energy is transferred to the canvas.
Working on paintings in the studio involves working with a lot of material, such as sketches, study of the object, model study, preparatory drawings.
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Tanja Smirnova