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Huella big - Pink and walnut

sold by NMASA Design .

About Huella big - Pink and walnut

Huella is a project conceived to convey beauty in the form of an inspiring visual narration through the details of its manufacturing and design. It is​,​ in essence​,​ a formal piece of design that was born to tell a story​,​ one that is not grandiloquent but a poetics detail: The way a distal phalanx changes its shape when holding a piece of glass with the fingers. An appealing visual contrast of 2 completely different elements (The finger -warm​,​ soft​,​ irregular​,​ imperfect- and the glass -cold​,​ hard​,​ regular and perfect-). 900mm x 580mm x 420mm approx Solid walnut wood and pink laminate glass Designed and produced in Malmö​,​ Sweden


  • Item TypeNew and Made To Order
  • LocationEurope


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