I Own My Freedom - 1

Abstrakti akryylimaalaus 92x73cm, ripustusvalmis

Teos on nähtävillä "Unknown and Exciting" näyttelyssä Helsingin Kalliossa 8.9 asti.
Paikka: Kind of Green, Helsinginkatu 16.

Nouto, Posti, Ilmainen toimitus kotiovelle Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa

Teoksen luovutus aikaisintaan 8.9. näyttelyn jälkeen.

Name comes from the thought that we should appreciate that we have freedom, which is something that cannot be taken for granted in many parts of the world. We are able to choose our paths from different options, we are able to express ourselves the way we choose to, we can think and believe the way we want without being oppressed back to a certain form or thought.

Even though world seems at times a bit dark, there’s always brightness and joy to be found. When we focus on the positive things in life, the world tends to turn brighter little by little

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