Hello, I'm Ksenia P.

Art is a sincere dialogue without borders where the process of artistic creation turns to spiritual ritual whirling between an act of love and a drama of faith. Most of my works possess a structured form and a rhythm striving to plunge the viewer in a state of gentle trans. My pallet ranges from somber to flamboyant mesmerising and inviting the viewer to enter into the enchanted world full of colours and intricating, interchangeable shapes inducing the feeling of mystical flight, of soaring… Our existence is a proof of constant evolution, of revolving. Everything is in constant motion. All the creatures and the created thins are constantly revolving on all levels of their existence. The basic structure of everything stands on the revolving electrons, protons, and neutrons composing the atoms. Everything in the Universe from the smallest cell to the planets and stars is a part of this revolving. Thus, my art, independently of the medium I choose, shows consciously this perpetual motion of all existence. My art represents a spiritual journey, where I seek truth, maturing through love, transforming myself, growing my potential, and return to life as the servant of all creation. The pillars of my work are the three fundamental components of human nature – mind, emotion and spirit. I combine them into a practice and a worship that seeks the balance and the state of purity. My whole being is composed of multinational origins and knowledge of a bunch of different languages resulting of a nomadic lifestyle composed of long-term travelling, diplomatic postings and encounters with people from different cultures. I lived and worked in several European countries, Russia, and the United States. Now I live between The Hague, Netherlands and Saint-Tropez, France.

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