Your surroundings are a reflection of yourself.

My first ice cream.

"We've built Himassa because we wanted to connect designers, crafters and artists directy to you." Himassa is a Finnish platform and company but built for a global community.

The world of art and design couldn't be more exciting! Whether you are a casual buyer or an experienced collector, you can find the right item for your home on Himassa and trust sellers that your new favorite item will be swiftly and safely sent to you or ready for pickup.

Buying online can be stressful: you can find many online websites where to buy art and design but most don't deliver the trust you can legitimately expect. With Himassa, we want to make sure you're transaction will go smoothly: from browsing and checking the stock, to making the order and payment, to the review of the sellers. And we hope you'll be so convinced that you'll soon start selling your art and design to make new buyers happy!

Do you have items to sell?

Himassa offers you a good way to sell your items online. All items are given automatic advertising boost to reach the right buyers for your product.

Himassa is brought to you by the design lovers at Vilmari Technologies Oy.

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